Our History

Jacobs and Rhodes - 60 Years

At Jacobs and Rhodes, we have a passion for HVAC; we should since we’ve been in business since 1961.

Our experience speaks for itself:

  • Over 60 years installing Lennox residential and commercial products
  • More than 9,000 heating and cooling systems installed in the Tri-Cities
  • 110+ years combined job experience
  • Skilled, factory-trained, and EPA certified HVAC technicians and installers
  • Servicing of all brands of heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration equipment

Jacobs and Rhodes delivers integrity and quality. We welcome customers who expect and demand the best in indoor comfort.

Jacobs & Rhodes' Truck

Big Red – The famous Jacobs and Rhodes truck.

Our Timeline

  • 1961-1963


    Larry Jacobs (L) & Dave Lennox (R)

    Larry Jacobs relocates from Portland and opens Jacobs Heating in what is now the Allied Arts building in Richland.

  • 1963-1970

    Fulton and Lee Dean join Larry and the business becomes Dean-Jacobs Heating. The business relocates to Kennewick, eventually ending up at the present location on Clearwater in the late ’70s. Fulton Dean dies tragically in an airplane accident and Lee Dean starts his own company.



  • 1971-1976


    Bob Rhodes joins Larry and the business becomes Jacobs and Rhodes.  Bob and Larry have other commercial interests together as well. In 1976 they part ways. Larry continues with Jacobs and Rhodes and Bob manages the hardware store in downtown Kennewick.

  • 1976-1982

    Larry continues to operate and build Jacobs and Rhodes into the premier heating and cooling contractor in the Tri-Cities. In 1982 Larry retires and sells the business to good friend Jack White and his partner Les Krupke.



  • 1982-1992


    Jack and Les operate Jacobs and Rhodes along with Magnum Electric, continuing the business model that Larry built.  When Jack becomes ill in 1992, Jacobs and Rhodes and Magnum Electric are split. Les continues with Jacobs and Rhodes and Magnum Electric is sold.

  • 1992-2012

    Les operates Jacobs and Rhodes and continues to provide service and installation of heating and cooling equipment and systems.



  • 2012-2023


    Jeff and Carrie Wamboldt

    Les retires and the business is sold to Jeff and Carrie Wamboldt. Jeff brings years of experience to Jacobs and Rhodes with many years in HVAC wholesale and as Territory Manager for Lennox Heating and Cooling products which Jacobs and Rhodes have proudly sold and installed since 1961. In March of 2023 Jeff and Carrie sell the business to Gary and Jake Lysher.

  • 2023 - Present

    Milestone Title

    Jeff and Carrie sell the business to Gary and Jake Lysher.

    2023 - Present

Jacobs and Rhodes – The family that treats you like family since 1961

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To provide the best indoor air experience for comfort and health.

Our Mission

To build long-term relationships with our customers by providing customized HVAC offerings with extraordinary service supported by cutting-edge technology and expert experience.

The Journey

Your HVAC Experience with Jacobs and Rhodes

Our Values

Customers are Family For Life

Customer Service

Every customer is special. We customize the experience based on your needs and take pride in going above and beyond. We make sure you’re taken care of, from the first time we meet and every moment after.

The Right & Best Job for You


Doing the right job starts with listening. We take the time to hear what you need to design the right project for you. And we strive to have the most qualified staff to give you the service you can trust.

Continued Proficiency & Excellence

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Air is our business. We provide you with the cleanest, most comfortable, quality air that technology can provide. And we stand behind every product we install and visit we make. Guaranteed.

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