At Jacobs and Rhodes, we understand the significance of a properly functioning Heating and Cooling (HVAC) system in your home or workplace. Whether you’re braving the sweltering heat of summer or battling the chill of winter, having a dependable HVAC system is essential for your comfort, health, and overall well-being.

Why a Good HVAC System Matters

Why a Good HVAC System Matters

  • Climate Control: A good HVAC system allows you to effortlessly control the indoor temperature, ensuring that you remain comfortable year-round. Say goodbye to sweating through scorching summers and shivering in frigid winters.
  • Energy Efficiency: An efficient HVAC system not only keeps you comfortable but also helps you save on energy costs. By investing in a system that’s designed to perform optimally, you can significantly reduce your energy bills.
  • Air Quality: Your HVAC system is responsible for maintaining air quality. A well-maintained system ensures that the air you breathe is free from contaminants, allergens, and pollutants, keeping you and your family and system healthy, promoting longevity.
  • Property Value: A properly functioning HVAC system enhances the value of your property. When it’s time to sell, potential buyers are more likely to be interested in a home or building with a reliable heating and cooling system.

The Process of Purchasing a new HVAC System

The Process of Purchasing a new HVAC SystemPurchasing a new HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system is a significant investment in your home’s comfort and efficiency. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what buyers can expect when purchasing a new HVAC system:

Initial Consultation

During this meeting, a Jacobs and Rhodes Comfort Engineer will:

  • Evaluate your home’s size, layout, and insulation
  • Discuss your comfort requirements, budget, and any specific concerns
  • Demonstrate choices for the right type of HVAC system (e.g., central, ductless, heat pump, etc.) based on your needs
  • Provide an estimate for the installation and equipment costs

Detailed Assessment

After the initial consultation, your Comfort Engineer will perform a more detailed assessment, including:

  • Load calculation: Determining the heating and cooling load your space requires to maintain comfortable temperatures.
  • Energy efficiency assessment: Recommending energy-efficient models to save on long-term operating costs.

Customized System Selection

Comfort Engineers will explain the pros and cons of each option, helping you make an informed decision.

Cost Estimate and Proposal

The Comfort Engineer will provide you with a detailed proposal that includes:

  • System Deletion and Installation Cost Options
  • Warranty information
  • Project timeline
  • Any rebates or incentives available (Yes, Jacobs and Rhodes wants to help you save money)

Financing Options

If necessary, financing options are available for discussion with a Jacobs and Rhodes’ Comfort Engineer. They will be able to help you explore financing solutions or rebate programs to make the purchase fit within your budget.

Installation Schedule

Installation GuideOnce you accept the proposal and financing arrangements, the Comfort Engineer will schedule the installation. This process typically includes:

  • Removal of the old HVAC system (if applicable)
  • Ductwork inspection: Assessing your existing ductwork for any repairs or modifications needed.
  • Installation of the new system, including any necessary ductwork modifications
  • Testing and calibration to ensure the system operates at peak performance
  • Explaining how to operate and maintain the new HVAC system

Maintenance Plan

At Jacobs and Rhodes, we offer Ted’s Comfort Club maintenance plan to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your new system. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your HVAC system running smoothly, and keeps system warranties valid and in place.

Final Walkthrough and Satisfaction Check

After installation, the Comfort Engineer will conduct a final walkthrough with you to ensure your satisfaction. They will answer any questions you have and provide warranty information and contact details for future service or maintenance needs.

After this is complete, our Comfort Engineers will register all products installed to maximize rebates – you don’t have to lift a finger!

Why Choose Jacobs and Rhodes

  • Expertise: Our team of HVAC professionals is highly experienced and knowledgeable. We can help you select the right system for your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Quality Products: We offer a wide range of high-quality HVAC systems and products from reputable manufacturers. You can trust that the equipment we provide is built to last.
  • Installation and Maintenance: Our experts are not only skilled at installation but also dedicated to keeping your system running smoothly through regular maintenance and repair services. We’re there for you from start to finish.
    Energy Efficiency: We’re committed to helping you reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy costs. We offer energy-efficient solutions that are good for your wallet and the environment.
  • Customer Satisfaction: At Jacobs and Rhodes, we prioritize customer satisfaction. We’re not satisfied until you’re comfortable and content with your HVAC system’s performance.
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