Why should I zone my house?

In the HVAC world, a zoning system is designed for the many ways you use your home.

Are you caught up in family “thermostat wars?” Or do you have unoccupied areas that don’t need conditioning? A zoning system allows you to divide your home into separate areas. By having separate areas, you can have the comfort and control you’ve always wanted.

The main benefits of residential zoning are:


Zoning meets the specific temperature and airflow requirements of one area. When it takes care of one area, it does not affect the other areas.


A well-designed zoning system can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year.


Zoning divides the home into different areas. It also divides comfort into different levels. This gives you more choices and control than ever before.

Quiet Performance

Zoning is often integrated with variable speed and/or two-stage HVAC systems. When this happens, it allows your heating and cooling equipment to deliver peak performance and efficiency. This performance comes without operating at peak capacity. Lower speeds mean lower sound levels.